skin care

achieving great skin care is essential to graceful aging.

the aging population is expected to increase as much as 110% over the next 10 years as “baby boomers” retire. these new group of consumers are more affluent and healthier than previous generations, and they aspire to look and feel young. at ifc, we are truly focused on researching new skin care products to meet the demands of our clients for skin rejuvenation.

we’ve developed new product break-throughs with the help of unique natural ingredients that are also performance enhancing, and supported by clinical documentation detailing the positive and beneficial effects.

fruit trends being recognized:
maru fruit has great astringent properties considered by the fruit of gods in japan.
mangosteen is considered high super fruits used to treat skin irritation and skin conditions.
bread fruit is derived from fig family container loads of minerals to help energizes skin and rejuvanation.

products we manufacture
  • skin acne treatments
  • spf uva/uvb lotions/creams
  • anti-aging treatments
  • men's soothing care
  • concentrated serums/ masks
  • powder skin treatments
  • environment/anti-pollution liquids
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