manufacturing & production

at ifc, our passionate, experienced and professional veterans continue to challenge themselves in demonstrating their creative ability to fuse modern trends and new raw material ingredients to create groundbreaking product lines.

our state-of-the-art custom designed equipment for small production runs can accommodate requests of up to millions of pieces. we also provide short turn-around times allowing us to work within our clients’ tight scheduling requirements.

  • ability to batch all sizes from pilot runs of 5-1000 kilos
  • multiple mixing vessels and processing equipment allow diversification for a variety of production batches

  • automated machines with multiple and interchangeable functions
  • custom-made molds in as little as 3 weeks
  • automated bottling lines
  • induction sealing and shrink banding

advanced filling capabilities:
  • chubby and mechanical pencils
  • hot pour capabilities: mulitiple shades simultaneously
  • skin primers, foundation creams and sticks, lip balms
  • pressed and loose powders and powder treatments
  • shape choices: round, square, oval
  • size choices: slim, standard, large
  • low to high viscosity:silicone creams, lotions, lip glosses, mascara, liquid eyeliners.
  • tube options:automated line, filling to multiple capacities and materials
  • pumps and airless dispensers

created and made in the usa

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