specialty hair care

in addition to our ability to formulate and manufacture quality unique color cosmetics, skin care and body care products, ifc also offers a wide variety of specialty hair care products. we place equal importance, energy and effort into creating innovative products in our hair care category as we do with all of our other products.

with extensive laboratory research, and by omitting ingredients the fda considers to be potential carcinogens, we have developed sulfate-free hair care products that out-perform many national brands without the need to use harsh chemicals in the formulas. additionally, we have created products that protect the hair from uvb and uva rays, and are currently working on exciting new hair products using new ingredients that not only protect the hair from environmental damage, but also add volume and luster. our innovative product line allows hair to breathe and look beautiful all day long.

  • gentle shampoo's sulfate free, color protection
  • moisturizing conditioners
  • pomades/ gels
  • hair color treatments
  • hair fiber powders
  • volumizing stying products
  • color touch-up products
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